Data is crucial for us. For over a decade, they've helped us guide our clients in making the right decisions across all segments, leading to better outcomes.

Service overview

Rental terms analysis

We'll prepare an overview of price levels and rental conditions in the given area and compare them with the existing agreement

Analysis of the site and plan

We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the site in terms of existing infrastructure, current and planned buildings, price conditions, legislative restrictions and other factors affecting potential construction.

Competitor analysis and business strategy

We will provide you with a complete overview of the segment (e.g. e-commerce) including the main competitors. We will evaluate and suggest a way forward, including locations suitable for possible expansion.

Tailor-made report

Ideal if you need a specific output from the commercial property market.

Customized data visualization

We will project the selected data set into a graph, map or other type of visualization according to your request.