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Service charges (SCH)

The term "service charges" (often referred to as "services" or "service fees" in Czech) relates to the costs associated with the maintenance and operation of a building or property, which are paid by tenants in addition to the basic rent.

Service charges may include, but are not limited to, the following items:

  1. Maintenance and repairs of common areas and building facilities, such as corridors, elevators, toilets, heating systems, ventilation, air conditioning, and, for example, parking systems.
  2. Cleaning services for common areas.
  3. Energy and water used in common areas.
  4. Security services, such as building security or the installation and operation of security cameras.
  5. Maintenance and repairs of parking lots or other outdoor spaces.
  6. Property management, including the costs of the property manager who ensures the proper functioning of the building.
  7. Building insurance.
  8. Waste management, which includes the costs associated with waste collection and disposal.

Terms related to service charges should be clearly defined in the lease agreement. Some lease agreements may, for example, specify a fixed amount for service charges, while others may allow these charges to reflect the actual costs of building operation and maintenance. In some cases, tenants may request an audit of these costs to ensure they are fair and reasonable.

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